Versatile iPad

Versatile iPad

I’m sick of talking about the debate of whether Android or iPhone devices are better. Most of the people who slate Apple products are ignorant as they’ve never even really given Apple a chance to prove them wrong. People who turned to Apple at the very beginning have always known their superiority but people who have grown up with other devices won’t just try Apple to see whether their opinions are actually founded on any truth. I’ve had a few friends who used to moan about Apple saying that you’re buying into a brand that’s only compatible with their other equipment, that Apple are style over substance and that they are difficult to use as you have to go through the Apple store and iTunes. These same people have since been converted after I showed them the light and now they understand why I’m such a fan.

Yes, iTunes can be a bit tricky to get your head around to begin with but once you get the hang of it, you’ll understand how amazing it is. Yes, a lot of people who buy an iPad will also buy an iPhone and that’s what Apple wants. So what? You buy an android phone to compliment an android tablet so what’s the difference? Especially as you’ll probably make sure they’re both the same brand so you get those extra perks with the fact that they can work better together. Yes, maybe it is easier to connect android devices to your PC for instance and transfer files but that’s only when you are trying to use outdated methods. Apple saw the future before others and realised that storing data over cloud and transferring files wirelessly was the way to go. If you’re a general Apple fan like me then is a great way of keeping up-to-date with their latest innovations.

I think the one thing that everyone can agree on where Apple trumps android, is the apps available and how well they perform. That is why I wanted to spend a bit of time highlighting a few of the other things you can use your iPad for that you maybe didn’t realise. The iPad is hugely versatile, far beyond and most people know, especially the Apple haters out there.

iPad Card Table

This is one of my favourite games to play with my mates at work when we’re on a lunch break. You’ll all need iPhones of course; I can hear the sighs! It’s great though, you can all sit around a table using your iPhones to control the cards. The iPad sits on the table and turns it into a virtual card table where you can all see one another’s moves. The app costs $1.99 which is nothing considering the fun you can have with it, well worth the money.

Extra Monitor

You can hook-up your iPad to use as an additional monitor for your PC or laptop. There are a number of apps that work well at providing this function. The best way is to connect using your Apple cable to eliminate any lag but it can work really well wirelessly too. This can be great when you are multi-tasking and need the extra screen space. I find this useful especially when I’m working from home and need to see multiple things at once. I use dual monitors at work so this replicates my working environment. I can use the TV as an additional monitor at home but if I’m out and about, it’s a great for mobility.

Musician Apps

There’s so many ways that musicians can utilise iPads to help them. The Numark DJ station looks particularly cool. I’ve provided a picture so you can see what it looks like. ION’s Piano Studio app is also pretty cool too. You can use the iPad as a mixer, a guitar tuner, the list is endless. I’ve recently setup a virtual organ for my grandad so he can use the iPad to change the sounds of his actual organ whilst he’s playing. He can either add pre-sets to make it even easier. The good response and minimal lag means that the iPad is far more suitable for this kind of thing than most android devices or laptops.



Control a Robot

Double Robotics has created an iPad robot. It’s a stand that has wheels and you attach the iPod to it, turning it into a robot that you can control. You can video conference on the move amongst other things. It will set you back a lot of cash but it’s another great way to showcase the versatility of the iPad.

If you want to see some of the cool things I’ve mentioned first hand and experience the other benefits of owning an iPad, then go out and buy one, you just won’t be disappointed. You don’t have to get the latest model and if your one of those people that complains about the price tag, then here’s a site where you’ll find great deals for a used iPad. You’ll get anything from the original Ipad, all the way up to the latest models.