Hi guys Rafi here! How are you all? Thanks for coming back to the blog, I really appreciate it and it’s great to read all of your commentary. Wow what a busy week I have had to so far, a little off topic but lots to talk about.

Surprise party

So me and my cousin are very good friends, we practically grew up together and It is soon to be her 21st birthday party. She has never really celebrated her birthdays that much before, they always just fly by before we have chance to plan anything but I thought this time meaning as it is her 21st that I would throw her a surprise party. I have actually always enjoyed organising events and have done many things in my local are from fundraising to festivals so hopefully this won’t be too much of a challenge. I think somehow though I feel more pressure this time as I really want it to be a special surprise. My cousin is a very fun person and is still a child at heart so I wanted to create a themed party. I wanted to create something different that would be fun and entertaining for all of her family and her friends.


Carnival theme

With this in mind I decided to settle for a carnival theme as they are extremely fun and colourful and there will be something for everyone to do and enjoy. Carnival themed parties are based on the concept of a traditional travelling carnival with funfairs, food and game booths and people entertaining the crowds. Because it is her 21st birthday a lot of her family have contributed to the cost which means I can really try and create something a little bit spectacular.



My ideas for the party

So I have a friend who has recently brought some land that he plans to build on in the future. At the moment there is nothing on there so it is the perfect place to hold the party. What I would like to do is have a live band playing fun, energetic music throughout the day to get everyone in the party spirit. I then plan to get some of our family and also my cousins friends to help me as I plan to have various drink and food stands dotted around the carnival featuring all of my cousins favourite culinary delights. She is a really keen cook and is passionate about food so I want this to be one of the main attractions. I am thinking of snacky foods that would be easier to eat whilst walking around so such things as samosas, chicken pakora bites, medu vada (these are a dahl based fried snack), some aloo tikka or tandoori potatoes. There will of course be flat breads, kebabs and some curry as well. Indians love to eat so there will definitely not be a shortage of food!  



There will also be several stalls which will host games such as hook a duck and bobbing apples. I will make sure everyone is dressed up in silly outfits so that as my cousin walks around the party she will continue to be surprised. There will obviously be lots of colourful decorations and photos of my cousin dotted around too and I have brought some barrels of hay from a local farm for people to sit on to really embrace the carnival theme. There will also be such things as popcorn and traditional sweets but what I most wanted to buy is a candy floss machine. I think my cousin will find this really fun and the kids will of course love it. I think something like this is really iconic of funfairs and carnivals so it is definitely a must have feature. I also thought that it would be a worthwhile investment as it could be used at the various events that I plan. I was recommended a site by a friend which has a few different candy floss machines available but non that really caught my eye.   



Buying a candy floss machine!

If I am investing in a candy floss machine I would rather find a candy floss machine for sale that looks really cool and retro. With this in mind I decided to do my own research and came across a site that had a candy floss machine for sale which seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I decided to order it and received the item within a few days. After giving it a test run I can tell you just how great it is! I am so glad that I found this candy floss machine for sale and I really hope my cousin likes it, as well as all of the other things I am planning! I still have a couple of more weeks to go so hopefully everything will come together. I will let you all know just how it goes and in the meantime if you have any interesting ideas or feedback on what I have written then please let me know!