My Favourite Bollywood Movies

My Favourite Bollywood Movies

My Favourite Bollywood Movies

My mother was a Bollywood actress so it is dear to me as a person (Sorry you are not in my favourite Bollywood movies).

3 Idiots

This story is about three friends who went to college together. They used to go to college together then they meet again when they are older after 10 years and look at their time in college. It is really funny and one of my favourite newer Bollywood movies. It was made around 6 years ago now. Wow! I remember when it came out on cinema and feels not so long.


I thought to mention this film as it is my mother favourite movie. This film was in cinema before I was born in 1960. My mother watched the movie as a young girl and it is her favourite now also. It is based on true events of the 1500’s where a prince falls in love with a dancer but the emperor father does not agree with the love. I prefer more modern films but it is still a good film in my opinion for its age.


I finish with Anand. This film was made 10 years later to Mughal-E-Azam. It is probably my favourite older movie and doesn’t feel so old. Maybe because I watched as a young child. I always very much liked the main actor Rajesh Khanna. He plays an ill man who is going to die from his illness but wants to live life before he dies. Very sad but a great story to watch.

Please share your favourite Bollywood movies, hope I’ve heard of them too and they are also some of my favourite movies.