Hello again everybody it’s your man Rafi back. Big big apologies for the length of time it’s been since my last post. Had a few issues at work and just been very busy, plus my grandmother was not well for a while, she fell over and banged her head. It was touch and go for a while but she has pulled through and is now running around the house again like a mad woman. I think my grandfather enjoyed for a short time, but she’s back to her best now. I’m glad because I am close to her and would be devastated if anything happened to her. Anyway! She will not want me banging on about this any longer.


As I’ve told you before I am very much into technology and media and I’ve previously blogged about phones and cameras, which I hope you enjoyed by the way, and the next thing I want to talk about, in a bit more detail, is laptops. I do love talking about technology!!!


A few friends have been asking me what kind of laptop to buy and I am nearing the time of an upgrade myself. It’s been two years and I do a lot of work on my laptop, so it needs to be able to do a job. I use a lot of photoshop and that program can take its toll on a laptop. So I’ve been looking around and seeing what you can get for certain budgets. I’ll give a look at three different laptops, One for a big budget, one for a lesser budget and one for an entry-level budget, something very cheap, but hopefully can still perform it’s function in our modern digital world!


So for the bigger budget, and I am talking about a big budget, I don’t think that you can look any further at all than the latest MacBook Pro. The current top of the range model boasts a 2.5GHz quad-core i7 processor and the turbo boost on that processor is up to 3.7GHz! The processor is actually configurable up to 2.8GHz, which can then be overclocked to 4GHz. That’s some serious power. I am talking about the 15” display machine by the way, apologies for not mentioning that. The RAM inside is 16GB DDR3. There is no task that this machine could not perform. It also comes with an Intel Iris Pro graphics package, on a screen that has over 5 million pixels. Yep, 5 million! The retina display is just stunning and Apple have made the best laptop in the world. OSX El Capitan has had a few issues though, which is the only downside. I’m sure Apple will fix that in time though. Battery time has been improved with a quoted 9 hours of we browsing, and also 9 hours of iTunes movie playback, with 30 hours of standby time! The front web cam has also been upgraded as well, to 720p, so those Skype and FaceTime calls will be crystal clear. Dimensions wise it is less than ¾ of an inch in height, super sleek, and weighs just 2kg.



For a lot less of the price, you can get the ASUS ROG G752VL-DH71. If you are into gaming as well then this little beauty will set you on the right path. ASUS make very good machines and this one is no different. It comes packed with an i7 processor that is 6th generation. The 2.6GHz is fast, but then you can turbo that bad boy up to 3.5GHz. It even comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM. This machine is seriously fast. It has a large display, as the emphasis is on gaming, so you’re getting a 17” screen. The latest NVIDIA grpahics card is inside also, so expect some seriously smooth and rendered images. Add to that a 1TB hard drive and you have some very impressive stats for the kind of money they are asking for the machine. A bargain!


The last laptop on my list is the 15” Dell Inspiron 15 5000 I5558-6433SLV. Man, these laptops have long names! It’s around half the price of the ASUS and still boasts an i7 2.4GHz processor and 12GB DDR3 RAM! Impressive? Thought so. Has a big 1TB HD and looks like a really cool machine, really up to date in the looks department. The downside to the machine though is the 4 hour battery life, but with those specs, I’m not surprised.


If you are looking for something on even less of a budget then why not take a look a second-hand laptop? You can pick some bargains if you are clever about it. I found lots of great looking laptops here so there really is a laptop for everyone’s budget. Shame we can’t all afford a $2500 MacBook Pro!