Best Camera Phone

Best Camera Phone

Best Camera Phone

Hello its Rafi and I’m back for another post. I hope you read the previous articles in my blog. I was discussing first of all whether I should buy an Infocus M370i. I still wasn’t sure that it would be the best choice for me as I wanted a phone with a good camera ideally. Alternatively, I could buy a good compact camera and then just have a cheap basic phone. I had been searching for old/used phones to see if I could find a decent model for a little cheaper than going out and buying one brand new. This would then save me money that I could put towards a camera. Although I found some good models a few-years-old that were pretty cheap,

I now think I’m just going to go all out and get a brand new mobile with a good camera. Although I said I was interested in photography and wanted a camera to start me off and learn with, I am not really ready to commit to it at the moment so a phone with a good camera would be fine for me to play about with for now. I’m sure with some of the new phones at the moment, I could take some really good pictures anyway and have a few extra functions to play about with. Until recently, I wasn’t sure you’d be able to get a phone with a really decent camera but after reading some more reviews, there does seem to be some really good ones out on the market now. I’ve been checking-out and comparing different models on the website.

The Contenders

iPhone 6s Plus - This phone has a 12Mp rear camera resolution and 5Mp front camera resolution. The rear camera is capable of 4K. It also has dual-tone LED flash and optical stabilization. In tests, the pictures seem to show good detail and sharpness but it hasn’t improved much on the previous iPhones. Pictures look similar to the actual scene but a little murky.

Google Nexus 6P – This has 12.3Mp and 8Mp cameras, dual-tone LED flash but no OIS. 4k capable. Again, pictures show not much improvement to the previous Nexus. Test images show that it gives a brighter picture than the iPhone with similar detail and sharpness.

HTC One M9 – 20Mp and 4Mp cameras, no OIS but dual-tone flash, 4K capable. Pictures are less impressive than the other phones mentioned so far. The exposure gives a darker image than the scene that’s been snapped. Automatic noise reduction makes the image smudged. The 16:9 aspect ratio also means that you see less of the image compared to the 4:3 sensors.

Motorola Moto X Force – 21Mp and 5Mp cameras, no OIS but has dual-tone flash. Also capable of 4K. The images show good sharpness and detail levels but compression artefacts are visible.

Sony Xperia Z5 – 23Mp and 5Mp cameras, no OIS, has dual-tone flash and is 4K capable. This phone gives a strange ghostly image that is too artificially bright. The wide-angle lens makes the images distorted and gives a focus that’s too soft. Colours are however naturally reproduced.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ - 16Mp and 5Mp cameras, has OIS and dual-tone flash. Also 4K capable. This phone performs one of the best of all the phones tested. It has well-exposed shots that give great levels of detail. The 16:9 sensor means again that you lose a bit off the top and bottom of the image which is a shame as the camera takes a really good picture.


Which one should I buy?

Well after looking at the specs on each of the above phones and looking at the picture quality that the cameras can provide, it’s tricky to still know which one is the best one to buy. They all have good cameras that differ in performance depending on what type of scene your trying to snap. I do like the sound of the Samsung but am not sure about the 16:9 aspect ratio. The Samsung probably does have all the other kind of features that I’m after from a smartphone and it does sound like a really good phone overall. I’m edging towards the Samsung but there is definitely good competition. I’m a little disappointed that the iPhone hasn’t improved its camera from the last model. They don’t ever seem to put the emphasis in their phone cameras compared to other aspects so I won’t be purchasing the iPhone. The Google Nexus 6P is probably the only other phone that I’m looking at as a possible alternative to the S6.

If anyone can give me advice on which one they think I should choose then I’d be very appreciative. If anyone has personal experience of using one of these phones under different conditions, then that may help towards making my mind-up.