Android TV Box

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Android TV Box

Hi there folks. Welcome back to my humble blog. I’ve been ran off my feet of late and have been struggling to find any time for myself. But what little time I have found I have spent enjoying the benefits of my online Android TV Box. I just cannot believe the value of this little black box in terms of entertainment. It is truly revolutionary what it can offer in terms of channels and entertainment. It almost limitless! And their popularity has boomed of late, not least because of their extremely affordable price tag. So in this blog post, I am going to delve a little bit deeper into the world of Google TV boxes and take a look at all the different variables. Read more

Its all in the politics!

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Hello! Read more


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Hi guys Rafi here! How are you all? Thanks for coming back to the blog, I really appreciate it and it’s great to read all of your commentary. Wow what a busy week I have had to so far, a little off topic but lots to talk about. Read more

Cold Brew Coffee

07/04/2016 Main

Hi everyone, Rafi here again. So today I thought I would go a little off topic and talk to you about a potential business prospect or at the very least something that is growing in popularity and thus something to look out for. Along with a passion for entertainment I am also a bit of an entrepreneur. To be honest I think these two passions go hand in hand as I am always on the look out for new and interesting concepts which can be both entertaining and potential money spinners! Read more

Apps for India

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Hey guys its Rafi here! How’s life? Mines pretty sweet at the moment. Anyway, I thought I would take a look at a couple of apps out there that might make living in India that little bit easier! Read more

Versatile iPad

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I’m sick of talking about the debate of whether Android or iPhone devices are better. Most of the people who slate Apple products are ignorant as they’ve never even really given Apple a chance to prove them wrong. People who turned to Apple at the very beginning have always known their superiority but people who have grown up with other devices won’t just try Apple to see whether their opinions are actually founded on any truth. I’ve had a few friends who used to moan about Apple saying that you’re buying into a brand that’s only compatible with their other equipment, that Apple are style over substance and that they are difficult to use as you have to go through the Apple store and iTunes. These same people have since been converted after I showed them the light and now they understand why I’m such a fan. Read more

Brilliantly Bollywood

19/02/2016 Main

Rafi here! I wanted to tell you about a new app I have recently discovered. As you may realise from my last post, I love Bollywood.  I can’t believe I haven’t discovered this app sooner. It is called Bollywood Hungama and it can provide me with information on all things Bollywood at the touch of a button.  I wasn’t even aware of the website before my friend told me about the app. The website provides all kinds of news, facts, gossip and interesting ideas about Bollywood and the app does all of this in one brilliant little package on my phone. Read more


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Hello again everybody it’s your man Rafi back. Big big apologies for the length of time it’s been since my last post. Had a few issues at work and just been very busy, plus my grandmother was not well for a while, she fell over and banged her head. It was touch and go for a while but she has pulled through and is now running around the house again like a mad woman. I think my grandfather enjoyed for a short time, but she’s back to her best now. I’m glad because I am close to her and would be devastated if anything happened to her. Anyway! She will not want me banging on about this any longer. Read more

My Favourite Bollywood Movies

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My Favourite Bollywood Movies Read more

Best Camera Phone

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Best Camera Phone Read more